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China Doll was a pop duo of the early 1980s comprising singer songwriter Fay Goodman and keyboard player Mark Wolski. They signed to EMI Parlophone and had a hit single in Europe (Top 10 in France) with "Turkish Delight". Fay Goodman went on to become a martial arts teacher and writer.[1]


  • 1980: "Oysters and Wine", B-side "Past Tense"
  • 1981: "China Doll", B-side "Jade"
  • 1983: "Turkish Delight", B-side "Red Lantern"[2]


  1. ^ Journal of Asian Martial Arts - Volume 17 2008 - Page 51 "In 2007, iaido was demonstrated by Fay Goodman (founder of Masamune Dojo in Birmingham, England). Routines executed solo with unsharpened swords, as well as with partners with wooden swords (bokken)"
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